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Possible Remains From Noah's Ark Found

A group of men, including several north Texans, believe they have found the remains of Noah's Ark.  But their find did not happen where most people thought it would. The group made the discovery in Iran. That may come as a surprise because Christians have always believed Noah's Ark was in eastern Turkey.

After a seven hour hike, a Texas businessmen discovered a 400-foot long object, more than 13-thousand feet above sea level.

"It was obviously manmade and it was obviously rock now and it was obviously wood. If we could find some evidence that noah's ark really existed,i thought that could cause thousands and ten thousands of people to say that maybe the rest of the bible is true too, says texas native arch bonnema.

A Houston lab used by the Smithsonian tested the wood. The lab verified it was petrified wood and that fossilized sea animals were buried inside it.

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