Luma Tweeze: "Does It Work?"

The Luma Tweeze professional lighted tweezers "makes tweezing easy," it says on the packaging. J.J. Maples agreed to help us out. The Luma Tweeze has a light on the end and a built-in flip up magnifier.

At first J. J. couldn't figure out how the magnifier was going to help. In fact, she said it was kind of in the way. Then she used it in connection with the light. "Oh, I don't want to see that. That's a little too close," she said. The light made all the difference. We wished her "good pluck" and J. J. started pulling out eyebrows.

"The light really helps," J.J. says. "It just illuminates the skin and you can see every little pore that you're plucking from.' And the tweezers? "They're sharp. They work well. They're pointy," she says. And speaking of points, J.J. makes a good one about people who need their glasses to see, but need them off to do this sort of work. "I think my Mom would love this because my Mom can't see when she takes off her glasses to do her eyes or anything and she's always asking for help but she can't see. And this would probably help her out a lot."

So, "Does It Work?" "It works," says J. J.

The Luma Tweeze gets a "yes."

The Luma Tweeze is $9.99 at Tyler's Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Joe Terrell, reporting.