Controversial Skit Not Being Released To Public

A victory Tuesday for the Tyler teachers at the center of a controversial skit that cost them their jobs. A Smith County Court at Law judge ruled the school district cannot release the tape to the public.
  Former TISD employees Wendie Short and Christina Jontra, and current teacher of the year Sindy Oldham teamed up and filed the motion.
  Ruling in their favor the judge writes, the "...Plaintiffs would suffer irreparable harm in the form of their professional and personal reputations which would not be compensable through legal damages."
  He goes on to rule that the Defendant in this case, TISD, is commanded to desist and refrain from displaying or releasing to any individual or entity a tape of the plaintiffs in the teacher of the year skit..." TISD is also required to give back the original videotape and all copies of the skit to the women.... The judge says it's their "personal and private property" and that their performance in it is "copyrighted."
  For weeks the school district stood by the fact that the tape is public record, but school officials say they will honor the amended injunction and return the tapes.
  Superintendent Simmons told KLTV Tuesday"it wasn't our position initially but any time you enter into a legal matter that's part of what can happen. I'm not sure anything is resolved with the tape not being shown publicly. But as far as the district's concerned, we'd agree that it's best that this all goes away."
  TISD has already hired four new 2nd grade teachers to replace the ones who've resigned because of this skit. At this point, there are no other hearings pending and no further action will be taken.

Christine Nelson reporting.