Tyler Police Officers Win Gold

Three Tyler police officers return home from the Texas Police Games, all with gold.   Every year, officers from across Texas meet to compete in events like the Toughest Cop Alive, or Tactical Pistol Shooting. This year, the games were held on South Padre Island.   Tyler Police Officer Dianna Massey, Sergeant John Brown and Officer Johnny Green won seven gold, one silver and three bronze medals in this year's games. Officer Massey competed for the first time and says she's looking forward to doing it again.

"It was really neat," said Officer Dianna Massey, Tyler Police Department. "It was exciting. At first I was real nervous you know because I've never competed, but everybody was real friendly, real encouraging. It was like we were a big family."

"The shooting events, the athletic events pretty much these guys are, guys and girls are meat eaters," said Sergeant John Brown, nine year competitor. "They really really push themselves, and they're athletes in police officer bodies."   Officer Massey got gold in the toughest cop alive competition in the women's division. The event consists of a 400 meter swim, mile and a half run, 100 yard dash, 20 foot rope climb, and an obstacle course with an eight foot wall, and that's only part of the competition. Officer's Brown and Green say they hope to compete in the World Police and Fire Games held in Australia this March.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com