Tylerites Could Get The Boot For Unpaid Parking Tickets

It's been a while since the City Of Tyler has enforced outstanding parking tickets, and for some people, those tickets have added up to big dollar figures.

Cam McCabe is the court administrator with the City Of Tyler.

She says, "There are people with a thousand dollars or a little more than a thousand dollars... They have outstanding parking tickets, and they just don't think that parking is going to be enforced in the City Of Tyler, and we're here to show them that that's wrong."

Today, they're out putting warnings on cars. One man has more than 50 outstanding parking tickets, which adds up to more than 500 dollars in fines.

The city says you have ten days to pay the parking tickets in full or set up a payment plan. If you don't, they'll put a so-called 'boot' on your tires, leaving you stranded with no choice but to pay up.

In the process of running all of the license plates, and handing out warnings for unpaid parking tickets, city marshals often come across people with outstanding arrest warrants.  When they do, they wait on them, and take them to jail.

That's what happened to a Carla Thomas. She has 1600 dollars in warrants for traffic violations. Her husband didn't want to talk on camera, but says they don't have the money to pay them, so she'll probably have to sit in jail.

"Almost every time we're down here to check parking, we end up finding people that are wanted for warrants," says McCabe.

The city says if you have unpaid parking tickets you need to get them paid in the next week and a half. Otherwise, you could be one of the many who will end up getting 'the boot.'

In Tyler/Lindsay Wilcox/KLTV 7 News