"Eddie," The Dog From "Frasier" Died

Moose, the Jack Russel terrier who played Eddie for ten years on the sitcom Frasier, has died at 16 and a half at his owner's home in California.

Mathilde Halberg, Moose's owner and trainer, said he died of old age on Thursday evening, according to reports in the American entertainment magazine People.

Moose was a mischievous dog in his younger years, frequently running away, according to Ms Halberg.

He was given up by his former owners after he chased horses and killed the neighbour's cat.

Ms Halberg rescued Moose from the pound in the early 1990s.

Moose played a starring role in the 2000 feature My Dog Skip (as the older Skip), but he was best known as Frasier's father Martin's dog on the award-winning sitcom.

He retired from acting when he turned 10. His son, Enzo, took over his role on the sitcom.

Moose's autobiography, My Life as a Dog, co-authored by Brian Hargrove, was published in 2000