ID Theft Originating At Tyler Restaurant, Police Say

A Tyler restuarant is being investigated by police after at least 10 former customers had their identities stolen. The restaurant in question is Asian Cafe. It's in the Wood Creek Village Shopping Center at 6100 South Broadway. Tyler Police say the customers' credit card numbers were duplicated and used in cities in California. Fraudulent charges include gas, postal services and one transaction on Rodeo Drive. The restaurant has since closed its doors, but KLTV 7 learned it plans to reopen under a different name. Police say use extra precaution when giving your card to employees at any restuarant. "Check their statements frequently and ensure that charges on there are legitimate and if anyone has eaten at [Asian Cafe] check their statement, review and ensure all charges are correct," says Tyler Police Officer Doyle Lynch.

Tyler Police so far estimate at least $6,000 in fraudulent charges.

Christine Nelson reporting.