Marshall Marine Home After Mortar Attack

After suffering devastating injuries from a mortar attack in Iraq, an East Texas marine is on the road to recovery.  U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant  Scott Flynn, 21, of Marshall is a three-tour veteran of Iraq.

Flynn suffered tremendous wounds in his last tour, but survived.  "You've got to live life to the fullest and enjoy the things we take for granted because you just never know," says Flynn.

April 13th Flynn's outfit was hit by a mortar attack in Fallujah, killing two of his men, injuring 19, and leaving him with wounds medics were even shocked by.

"My guts were hanging out.  They were held in by a sponge.  At first the diagnosis was that I wasn't going to make it I was ready to go," he says.

Flown to Germany and finally to Maryland, Flynn lost his right kidney, his spleen, half of his liver, a collapsed lung, and hundreds of stitches to close numerous wounds, and miraculously recovered. But his thoughts weren't on himself, but the comrades he lost.

"You've been with them every day all day all night and then something like this happens and takes them away," Flynn says.

He took it a step farther when he recovered, driving to San Antonio to visit the families of the lost Marines.

"I didn't get to go to their memorial services or funerals so my goal when I got out of the hospital was to visit their families," said Flynn.

His career in the Marines is over, but he gladly bears his scars for what he believes in.

"No matter what, we still need to be over there finishing what we started, doing our jobs.  That's the way I feel," he says.

Flynn will go to California to complete his rehabilitation, and then be discharged from the Marine Corps. Because of his experiences in Iraq, he plans to go to college and pursue a career in medicine.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.