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Proud Of East Texas: Bernard Ferrara

Bernard Ferrara, or Bernie as he's called, grew up in a Manhattan, in all Italian neighborhood. His talent as a baseball player took him to the major leagues at the age of 16, while many of his friends went on into lives of crime.

While playing for the Cincinnati Reds' farm team on the West Coast, he received a championship ring encrusted with diamonds. The ring was stolen in 1954 during a road trip. The next year Bernie stepped up to the Majors and played for the Cincinnati Reds until 1957.

Recently Bernie mentioned the loss of his ring at Murphey The Jeweler where Shannon Murphey offered to duplicate the ring. With designer Sananda Perrin's expertise and Bernie's memory for details, the championship ring has been re-created. It's been 52 years since Bernie Ferrara's championship ring was stolen. Now once again he can wear that special ring that holds so many special memories.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.


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