Fireworks Vendors Hopeful In Gregg County

Fireworks retailers in east Texas hope the weather and a spirit of celebration will help them recover from last year's bad revenues. Fireworks retailers are hoping that there will be a renewed interest in fireworks for this independence day holiday, since many east Texas counties "do not" have burn bans or "fireworks bans" in effect.

"We just try to get together again do different things, hope the fire ban doesn't come again and hope that people will remember that we're out here and come out and see us" said "Extreme fireworks manager Virginia Forrester.

Last year was disastrous for vendors. Many in the industry were "wiped out" in Gregg county when bans crushed sales. More than just sales are at stake. Some, like "Extreme fireworks", also contribute part of sales to "school band booster clubs", and volunteers like David Wortman rely on the sales for funds.

"It's a very important fundraiser for us and we want them to come out and enjoy the fireworks have fun with that, but feel good with the fact that they're contributing to a worthy cause in their community" said Wortman.

Fireworks sales continue until midnight of the July fourth holiday. Bob Hallmark reporting.