Former Heavyweight Buddy Turman Holds Book Signing

He was known as the Texas Tornado and he spun back to his old stomping ground to meet and greet fans and sign a few books.

Former boxing heavyweight Buddy Turman is also known as the "The Golden Boy of Noonday" in honor of his East Texas hometown.

Buddy is the subject of a new book written by his brother Joe. The book is called "Buddy, the Life of Texas Boxing Legend Buddy Turman."

The two signed copies of the book Saturday afternoon at the Scroll Christian Bookstore in Tyler.
Buddy was known for his speed and was a premiere fighter in the 1950's and 60's.  He was reunited at the signing with another former fighter, Roy Harris. The reunion sparked some memories of his past fights.

"Roy Harris is one," Buddy said. "I really, really wanted to beat old Roy but didn't quite do it. The next one was Bob Alrbight, who had never been knocked out and I did it in the tenth round. "