Key Club: NBA Vet David Wesley Given Key To City

NBA veteran David Wesley never forgot his East Texas roots and never lost the heart of a Longview Lobo.  For his contributions to the community, David received a little something special.

David was given a key to the city of Longview. Saturday was also proclaimed "David Wesley Day."

The free agent is back in town to host his fourth annual basketball camp.
David has spent 13 seasons in the NBA but said he wants children to admire heroes other than athletes.

"I always tell kids that their role models should be the people they see everyday and set an example that they can follow each and every day of their life," David said. "But it's certainly an honor for someone to look at me and say he's a role model. That means I'm doing some of the right things."

David also stressed his love for working with kids.

"To be back here with the kids and to have fun, to teach them a little bit and have people talk to them about the importance of working hard, working together, I think it's been a great two days."

Maya Golden reporting,