Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet's mother, dies

 Patsy Ramsey, mother of slain 6-year-old JonBenet, died Saturday of ovarian cancer, her lawyer told CNN. She was 49.

She died about 3:30 a.m. at her father's house with her husband by her side, lawyer Lin Wood said. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 but was cancer-free for nine years until a relapse three years ago.

The unsolved killing of JonBenet in December 1996 put Patsy and John Ramsey, the girl's parents, in the spotlight.

A grand jury investigation into the death of the child beauty pageant winner ended without charges in 1999.

JonBenet's beaten and strangled body was found in the basement of the family home in Boulder, Colorado, the day after Christmas.

The Ramseys said an intruder committed the crime, but they remained the subject of suspicion and speculation.

"I think people realize now that this family was very much victims of that murder and have suffered greatly because of it in terms of the false accusations made against them," Wood said.

"But again, they have shown great dignity and courage to deal with the situation, a very difficult situation," he added.

"I think people will remember Patsy as being someone who was falsely accused in connection with the death of her daughter, when she should be remembered for being an incredibly loving mother, a wonderful wife, and a person who showed great courage in fighting a vicious disease over the last many years," Wood told CNN.

"She should be an example to others who face cancer, that there can be a win, a victory, because she lived for over 10 years with the disease, and, I think, was able to accomplish a lot in her life and spend valuable time with her family and friends."

The Ramseys left Colorado and had a house in Charlevoix, Michigan, where John Ramsey unsuccessfully ran for office in 2004, and in Atlanta, Georgia.