TJC Sports Circle Of Honor To Add 2 Members

Saturday evening two new members will join the special group known as the TJC Sports Circle of Honor.

Fifty-seven years ago, one inductee helped to give the state of Texas its first national college basketball championship.

Bryan Miller was a member of the 1949 Apache team that also won TJC's first national title.

He still sports his championship ring and Friday relived team memories, led by legendary coach Floyd Wagstaff.

As one of Coach Wagstaff's players, Bryan said the coach had a  style with his players that can never be duplicated, calling him a great "psychologist."

"He made us all better by playing together," Bryan explained. "He put us in shape, he talked to us, and he made everyone play together.  All that happened, to me,  it was a team effort. It was not individual efforts."

Mr. Miller also recalled the fan support from East Texas after the Apaches claimed the title.

"Coming back, we landed on Sunday afternoon," he said, "and we had 6-8,000 people at the airport. "

Bryan Miller along with former TJC head tennis coach and national champion Robert Cox will be inducted into the TJC Sports Circle of Honor Saturday, June 24.

The banquet is at 6:30 p.m. in the Apache Room of the Rogers Student Center.

Maya Golden reporting