Kids Enjoy New City Pool

This afternoon about two dozen kids were jumping into the Rusk city pool.

"We're swimming, having fun," says Destiney Jared.

And Kristen Moeser says she is excited about playing volleyball and eating.

Colton Snivley says he loves it when the water splashes up like a volcano around him. He also likes frogs "because they're slimey and you get to throw them at your sister."

While kids say today is all about fun and games under the sun, some parents we spoke with say this is so much more than a city pool.

Lisa Sprayberry, a parent, says "it just gives them things to do and keep them out of trouble, keep them off the streets."

And these kids agree. Some say without the pool, they would spend their summer watching TV.

"Whenever I come and vist my grandma,I have somewhere to go now with my friends," Kristen Moeser says.

Andrea Knowlton says, "For me being able to just walk down here with my sister and come swimming is really cool."

And the perfect day to "swim, relax, have a fun family afternoon." says Mayor Suzann McCarty.

Tracy Watler, Reporting: