Knee Device May Help Avoid Surgery

A new knee device may be a way to avoid knee replacement surgery. It's called the Bionicare Knee Device.  It's FDA approved and can help regenerate cartilage.

"I had the pain that was so great that when I tried to run very fast that I just couldn't do it," say Harold Wilson, wears knee device.

Harold Wilson of Tyler is 73 years old and has been running for 20 years. But an injury brought his running to a halt.

"I had a tear in my cartilage, I asked him what should I do and he said to give this a try," says Wilson.

So he tried the Bionicare Knee Device.

"Bionicare it is the new electrical stimulation device, that stimulate the growth of cartilage," says Dr. Mark Morris, Family Practice at ETMC.

Harold had already been through surgery once and didn't want to do that again.

"Since I have worn the device, knee device well it had ended the pain.  I wear my about 8-10 hours a day, most of the time about 10 hour. I just put it on before I go to bed and when I sleeping," says Wilson.

Dr. Mark Morris with ETMC says if worn correctly it can prevent surgery.

"It's the people that wear it correctly have a 80-90 percent success rate with it. For example people that were previously having to be sent to orthopedic surgeons to get there knees replaced now they are walking around pain free," says Dr. Morris.

Dr. Morris says after wearing the knee device for more than 750 hours, patients should start to feel some relief.

"Three months I began to feel the difference and in 4 months I was running again. And been running every since," says Wilson.

He even won the Boston Marathon in his age group this year. Being able to run again is something he says he is truly grateful for.

Dr. Morris says the knee device can work for those who have bone on bone, or severe osteoarthritis.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.