Vandalism Plagues Longview Homebuilders

Showcase homes and home construction sites are vulnerable, and as one Longview homebuilder says is a prime target for vandals and thieves. Longtime Longview homebuilder James Williams says he's lost thousands of dollars over the years from senseless vandalism and theft from his construction sites.

"You can do 6-7-8 thousand dollars worth of vandalism pretty quick its just not the cost of replacing what they've done sometimes there's alot of labor involved in repairing it" says Williams.

Showcase homes and construction sites are attractive targets because when work shuts down, there are no security officers or surveillance camera's, and there usually in undeveloped areas.

"If you're in an outlying area sometimes it can draw people like a magnet for theft or vandalism either one" he says.

Though vandalism is the most common crime at theses sites there are other things that vandals are after, copper. Copper is like money and hundreds of pounds of it can get a good price. Williams says he's seen anything stolen from his sites, lumber, metal sheeting, copper, even kitchen sinks. But the major damage is always vandalism, broken windows, damaged electrical lines and plumbing, always by young people.

"I can't think of any case of vandalism we've had where we've been able to catch one , or identify , it's always been kids, I don't know if they're bored they don't have enough to do, I don't know if it's for the thrills or kicks" Williams says.

Police say these kinds of crimes are not increasing or decreasing, but remain common around construction sites. William's says many contractors are limiting or changing materials used at construction sites to discourage theft. Bob Hallmark reporting.