New Information In The Parade Of Homes Shooting

Today KLTV obtained the Probable Cause Statement in the arrest of one of the teens allegedly involved in the "Parade Of Home Break-In" in Longview.

  17 year old Gregory Allison is the oldest of the 4 teens. The statement says, "the four entered the residence through the back door with the intent of committing theft"... that Gregory Allison "was wearing gloves, a hat and dark clothing" which, they say, shows the preparation to commit burglary.

  The house the teens were allegedly breaking into belongs to home builder James Pitre.  He reportedly shot at the burglars in his home with a shotgun in which, one teen was injured and another was killed.

We've heard from the grandmother of the injured teen; the mother of the one killed.  And now from a friend of Pitre.

"He is a wonderful family Christian man, of great Christian values and ethics and has raised 5 kids that are all grown now and they have adopted a girl from Belize," says Pat Hightower, friend of James Pitre.

Pat has been friends with James Pitre and his family for almost 20 years.   She says the Pitres were in the process of moving into their new house. In fact, the only reason he was at the home that night was because his 7 year old daughter was excited about spending the night in her new room.  However, that excitement quickly faded.

"The family right now is going through a real hard time and what has happened, feels for the families that were involved and for what is done.  His has 4 kids and it's really tugging at him and people just don't have any idea of what he is going through," says Hightower.

She says Pitre is the president of a non-proft called Compassionate Hearts Alliance that does mission work in Belize.  She also says he is very involved in the community and church.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.