Mother Of Break-In Suspect Talks About Son

The mother of Trent Joseph Houghton spoke with KLTV about her son.  She told us about the phone call no mother wants to get.

"The phone rang around 5:45 AM, I guess.  She said you need to get to the hospital. I didn't know what for but they said it was Josh and Trent and said they had been shot," says Jan Harvey, Trent's Mother.

Jan says she rushed to Good Shepard Medical Center but says he had already died.

"The doctor came in and told me he was shot in the back and the shotgun spray had hit his heart and they couldn't get it to beat again," says Jan.

She doesn't know why Trent and the other teens would be breaking into the house.

"Sometimes when you are with your friends you don't think about the consequences and then sometimes bad things happen," says Jan.

She says these were the last words she spoke to Trent before he left that night.

"I said, I love you and be careful and be good.  He said I will mom, it's me," says Jan.

Now she's left to wonder how it ended this way...

"I just want to know why he felt like he had to shoot him.  They were kids and they were trying to get away, why would he shoot at them," says Jan.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.