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A Better East Texas: Smith County Jail Proposal

The Smith County Jail proposal has been a total political disaster. And millions of your dollars are at stake. There's even a serious proposal out there to release some prisoners from jail to relieve overcrowding. Unfortunately, the more this gets discussed the more dysfunctional our Commissioners Court appears to be. And that's why I believe the current court needs to stop what they're doing and wait on new leadership to take over.

Judge Dempsey seems to feel the only way to get something on the ballot in November is to re-submit one of the plans that has already been rejected.

That's ridiculous!

The fact is, we have to build a new jail. And those who want this thing on the ballot in november are right when they say, the longer we wait, the more it costs us.

You know, this reminds me of the situation tisd was in when it needed to build and rebuild a number of new schools a few years back.

The district's first bond proposal was soundly rejected. But they didn't just try to reheat it and think it would taste better to voters as leftovers.

After a change in leadership, tisd put together a smarter plan that made better use of taxpayers' money.

The Smith County Commissioner's Court would be wise to follow TISD's lead:

First of all, recognize your mistakes, and admit them publicly. Second, get the "right plan!" conduct a comprehensive research project to find out why voters turned you down, and what they will support the next time.

Then, develop a strategy to fully explain and sell your plan to voters.

New county leadership is coming. A new judge and new commissioner. If they follow this game plan, you'll see me back here at this very spot, applauding them, and asking you to support their proposal for "A Better East Texas." 



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Well i think ya need to get a new jail and yall need to do something with the visiting room couse thouse speakers arent working it would be better if they could make a new visiting spot and make it bigger because it gets to crowded in there so i would appretiate if yall can make that happen.

Rosa ortiz

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