Lawmaker Takes Aim At Marshmallow Fluff

Fluffernutters for lunch? Outrageous! There ought to be a law! And if a Massachusetts politician gets his way, there might be.

State Senator Jarrett Barrios was outraged to learn the cafeteria at his son's Boston-area school serves the one-time childhood staple. Barrios says Marshmallow Fluff is about half sugar, and he's not even sure it should be considered a food.

So Barrios plans to file an amendment to a bill that would already curb junk food from school vending machines. This would limit public schools to serving Fluff just one day a week.

He acknowledges to The Boston Globe that it may sound silly, but says this is a health-conscious era.

Ironically, a man who lived in Barrios' district invented Fluff in 1920. To this day it's made in Massachusetts.

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