Longview Family Shares Legacy Of Service

One Longview man is thankful for his family's legacy of duty, and that his son's have followed in his footsteps in serving their country and their community. For generations, Air Force reservist and Longview police officer "Jack Lanier's" family has served, in law enforcement and in the military. Now his two sons are keeping the legacy.

"If their calling is what my calling is , same area of my calling I should say , I'm very honored" Jack says.

"I believe our family has always been a family of honor, I believe my dad is a man of honor" says airman first class Brent Lanier.

Lanier's son Jay, recently graduated from the east Texas police academy in Kilgore. Son Brent, the Air Force at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, in security forces.

"My dad always taught me discipline always taught me respect and the need to serve and because of that I'm doing what I'm doing" says Jay.

"Overshadowing that is the honor of it all, and how we love and appreciate them and what they're doing" says Jack.

And it runs deeper, Lanier's father was a world war ii veteran and his wife, Brenda, was a nurse and captain in the Air Force. Having 3 members in service, and possible harms way, is a price that they're all too familiar with.

"I have to say there is some concern,  we're just regular people here to do what god has called us to do, I believe and jack and I have taught our boys to do what is right, respect people honor people to serve others" Brenda says.

According to Longview police, 35 police officers in the department have served or currently serve in the military. Bob Hallmark reporting.