Anti Violence Rally In Longview

Longview's annual Juneteenth parade turned into more than just a celebration, as  residents used the day to call for an end to violence in their streets.    With the usual vintage cars and joyous participants, the annual Juneteenth parade made its way up MLK Boulevard.

"What it means to me is i have a chance to celebrate what my forefathers had a chance to commence" said parade watcher Brandon Johnson.

But the parade took on a bigger meaning, as city and county leaders put on an organized anti-violence rally called "Unity in the Community", held at Broughton Park.

"We come together as a people and launch , initiate a more unified effort to curtail street violence and other negatives that exist in our culture" said south Longview minister Dewitt Burkes.

Longview's south side, plagued by shootings and violence in the recent past, was the target of local and city leaders trying to pull the community together.

"In today's society we all need to learn to get along, and violence never has been the answer and never will be the answer to anything" said rally supporter Misty Kelly.

Many wore shirts remembering victims of crime, and those who stood for freedom and peace. Around 600 people attended the rally. Bob Hallmark reporting.