Freedom Fighter: Ann Akins

First Lieutenant Ann Akins served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1951 until 1955. Eighteen months of that service was as aurgical nurse in a Mash unit near the Korean front lines. She says her Mash unit was very much like the one depicted in the long running television series "MASH".
  Akins says people are surprised that she remembers so much humor in a war that killed over thirty-six thousand Americans. But she says in those primitive, war conditions, humor was vital.
  In the midst of the Korean War, Akins met the man who was to become her husband and bring her to Texas. She says the setting wasn't romantic. She was waiting for a USO show to begin in a rain soaked tent when she heard expletives from a voice in the row behind her. Colonel Thomas Akins had sat down in a puddle of water. He soon apologized for his language and the "rest is history ", as they say. Ann and Tom Akins were married for forty-six years util his death in 2000.
  Ann Akins encourages any women in our viewing audience who have been in the military service and have not yet  been included in the "women in military service memorial" to contact her at 903-581-2857.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting