Stackhouse Suspended For Game 5

The NBA is not playing games when it comes to flagarant fouls. Jerry Stackhouse's hit on Shaquille O'Neal in Game Four Thursday night, got him suspended.

The NBA announced the one game suspension Friday evening. Reportedly officials believed the contact was excessive and the suspension warranted.

However, Stackhouse and Shaq thought the move was not so serious.

"It was a hard foul, " Stackhouse said. "He was going to the basket, when Shaq is going to the basket we always want to make him go to the freethrow line and earn it. It was just a hard play."

"My impression was, my daughters tackle me harder when I come home," said Shaquille O'Neal.

Stackhouse is the Mavericks top reserve player, this is his third suspension of the year.

Maya Golden reporting,