Investigators Seek Public Help In Old Navy Fire

Investigators are desperately seeking the publics help to catch whoever set an Old Navy store on fire in Longview.   The fire started yesterday in a children's clothing rack in the back of the store. Thousands of dollars of damage was done to merchandise, and the store may not reopen for a week.

Today the Longview Fire Marshal says the fire was deliberately set. They are going through sales and credit card records to find people who were there who may have seen what happened.

"What we have is someone who walked into a retail store in downtown Longview and started a fire with people inside. We need to talk to people who were here. If we can eliminate some from "I didn't see anything I don't know anything", they may not know what they saw, if they would just come forward and talk to us" said Longview assistant fire marshall Mark Moore.

Fire marshal's are still looking for a Black 2006 Volvo with tinted windows that was seen in the parking lot just before the fire. Anyone with information is asked to call the Longview Fire Marshal's Office.

Bob Hallmark reporting.