11-Year-Old Girl Gives Back To Her Community

An 11-year-old girl is helping the folks who helped her and her mother.   Several years ago Keegan Fowler and her mother escaped an abusive relationship thanks to the help of the East Texas Crisis Center." Keegan is now going into business to make sure the crisis center can take care of other families.

At first glance, Keegan looks and acts like a typical 11-year-old, but when you sit down with her, you quickly learn how special she is.

"I'm giving back to my community as they have given to me," said Keegan. A few weeks ago, Keegan decided she wanted to help the East Texas Crisis Center. Keegan has always been artistic, so with some guidance from her mother, she began making and selling flip flops.

"They tell us what kind of fabric they want and it can be from stripes, to flowers, to surfing people, to dogs," said Keegan.   "You just pick a color, and you just let it go." Keegan's mother, Amy says she wasn't surprised when Keegan told her she wanted to give back to the crisis center.

"We were at a real tough time in our lives, and the crisis center gave us hope and strength to move on and get passed it," said Amy Fowler, Keegan's Mother.

"It helped me and my mom get back on my feet after the abuse, and we have become saviors and we're survivors," said Keegan.   Keegan's best friend Gabbie, who Keegan calls her "employee" helps run the Happy Feet business.   All the money earned goes toward the crisis center.

"The crisis center was trying to give some money back to me, for me to have spending money, but I really don't need anything," ssaid Keegan.  "I have everything I want, and I need to give back first before I think of myself."   So far, Keegan has raised $60.00 for the crisis center, but her goal is $300.00.

"That will give a family, a mother and two kids, shelter, food and clothing for a whole month," said Keegan. Thanks to the crisis center, Keegan and her mom are now standing on their two "happy" feet, and they hope with their help, other families will too.

This isn't the first time Keegan has given back to her community. Last year, she donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love. The flip flops are only $6.00.   If you would like to purchase a pair and help Keegan reach her goal, go to our homepage and click on the Know More icon.  There you will find a link called "Happy Feet."

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com