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Fire At Longview Old Navy Store

     A chaotic scene at a Longview department store today , as a fire sends dozens of customers looking for the exits. And investigators looking for an arsonist.   Fire crews were called to "Old Navy" at 414 West Loop 281 around 12:30 this afternoon. Witnesses told firefighters that a fire broke out in a children's clothing rack in the back of the store. Billowing smoke began to fill the building, and store employees say customers calmly made their way out of the store without panicking.

     Although little fire damage was done, smoke damage could cost the business thousands of dollars in merchandise.

    "We kept poking our heads out heard the fire trucks coming , by that time smoke was coming out of the building and so I finally found one of the employees and was able to talk to him and he said yes there was a fire in the back of the store" said nearby Books-A-Million employee Vicky Robey.

    "They will be closed for the rest of the evening to clean up , the fire was contained to a small area and they should be open back tomorrow , customers were exited rapidly , we had no injuries to civilians or firefighters" said Longview Assistant Fire Marshal Mark Moore.

       No one was injured, or suffered from smoke inhalation. Fire marshals say the clothing that caught on fire did not appear to be near any electrical source. But we're told by investigators an Old Navy employee actually put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

    Fire marshal's  are looking for the arsonist, or arsonists who set the blaze, and are interested in whoever may have been driving a black Volvo with tinted windows spotted in the parking lot just prior to the fire.   It's uncertain when the store will reopen. 

    "Old Navy headquarters" they could *not be reached for comment.  The Longview Fire Marshal is asking anyone who was in "Old Navy" around the time of the fire to please call them.     The number is 903-237-1218.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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