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Embattled Gladewater Police Officer Fired

    A Gladewater police officer cleared in a deadly shooting last summer has been fired for inappropriate conduct.   The Gladewater Police Department announced  it has terminated 38 year old officer Bryan Naismith, after allegations that he assaulted a Dallas Morning News reporter this past March. For months in Gladewater, residents have been talking about the investigation into the shooting of a suspect by officer Bryan Naismith.

   A press release says he was terminated effective Tuesday. While the shooting wasn't the reason Naismith was fired, some are still glad that he is no longer patrolling their streets.

    "It has nothing to do but make it better, a lot of people were looking for this day hoping and praying that he would quit or the city would do what they're doing" said Gladewater resident Cisco Frierson.

   "It's great I mean I have no hatred for him, but I think it's a good move for the system, for Gladewater itself some people have a big problem with what happened" he said.

     Last June, Naismith was caught on dashboard video trying to stop 25 year old Jonathan King from escaping an arrest scene. Investigators say Naismith shot and killed King, after King apparently tried to run him down. A grand jury cleared him of any wrongdoing.

   "He shot Jonathan King in the back of the head, he assaulted a morning news reporter, he is totally unfit to be an officer and the family thought he should not be on the force" said King family attorney Joe Nathan Wright.

   In March, investigators say Naismith allegedly threatened a Dallas Morning News reporter near his home and allegedly pointed a shotgun at him. Naismith's continued presence on the force had many in the community thinking it was divisive, and his termination now has many thinking things will improve. But, Jonathan King's family members say the city should go further.

   "The city should step forward and acknowledge that Jonathan King was wrongfully killed and I hope they do that" Wright said.

    His incident with the Dallas reporter is still being investigated by the Upshur county district attorneys office. Bryan Naismith could still face assault charges.

  Bob Hallmark reporting.

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