Curfew In Place For Minors

When the clock strikes 10 p.m. in Big Sandy, your children better be in the house or they will be breaking the law. 
  Big Sandy City Council voted unanimously to implement a citywide curfew Tuesday, which goes into effect June 30th. If you're under the age of 17, you must be home by 10p.m. on Sundays through Thursdays. The curfew is midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 
  "After midnight we feel like any child under 17 years of age should not be out," says Big Sandy Mayor Sonny Parsons. "I think they should be in by 10. I'd make it 9!," says Big Sandy parent Scott Hann. 
  "I could understand if it was 11 (p.m.) or 12 (a.m.) maybe but 10 o'clock that's just outrageous," says Misty Williamson. 
  Williamson says during her time working at the local Dollar Store, she has not had problems with underage kids after hours. But across the street at the Washateria, owners have gone as far as installing surveillance since the business has been vandalized more than once. At the Fina gas station, it's not unusual to see kids hanging out there. 
  Workers tell us they've even had to call the police at times to get some kids to leave. 
  "There's some kids 8-9 years old that are hitting this store 11-12 o'clock at night that live in this neighborhood over here. They shouldn't be out that late," says Big Sandy resident Gene Spradlin. 
  Penalties for minors include a $500 fine. Parents, too, could be held liable with a fine of the same amount. And if an owner, operator or employee of an establishment knowingly lets a minor hang out after hours, they will also be fined. "This is everyone's community and we're making it safer in our opinion. I believe it will be," says Parson.
  There are some exemptions to the Big Sandy curfew: If a minor is out during curfew hours, they must be with a parent, on an errand at the parent's request, in a vehicle involved in interstate travel. On the job. Involved in an emergency. Or attending an official school or religious activity, or returning home from the activity using the shortest path of travel to the destination.
  Again, the curfew goes into effect June 30th and will be in place year- round.

Christine Nelson.