Gladewater Police Officer Terminated

Gladewater police officer Bryan Naismith has been fired, the Gladewater police department said today. The decision was based on an incident that happened back in March with a Dallas Morning News reporter.

On March 3, 2006- Naismith was accused of assaulting a Dallas Morning News reporter with a gun and making threats to the reporter, Dave Michaels.

The police department said in a news release, "We are aware that some of Officer Naismith's conduct in the episode with Mr. Michaels (reporter) violated department policies. Though we can understand the strain that Officer Naismith has been under, this does not excuse a police officer's violation of rules, even when off duty."

The Gladewater P.D. also said, "They believe the investigation (about the alleged assault and threats towards the reporter) would be completed in a fairly short period of time." The release continues, "Naismith was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. However, for reasons that have already been reported in the press, the Upshur County District Attorney referred the matter to the Texas Attorney General's office."

Right now, it's uncertain if the AG's office with continue the investigation. The Gladewater Police Department said it's unclear as to the future plans of the Upshur County's D.A.'s office.