Consumer Group Sues KFC Over Trans Fats

A food industry watchdog is suing K-F-C over an allegedly serious health threat from K-F-C chicken.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest says it's filed a class-action lawsuit against Yum Brands K-F-C unit for cooking chicken in oil that contains artery-clogging trans fat. C-S-P-I executive director Michael Jacobson says the chain's use of partially hydrogenated oils turns healthy food into something that can take years off your life. The consumer group wants the court to either stop K-F-C from using oils containing trans fat or to require signs to warn customers. Other fast-food chains are already switching to healthier cooking oils. Last week, Wendy's International said it would begin cooking french fries and chicken in trans fat-free oils. Reacting to the lawsuit against K-F-C, U-S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform president Lisa Rickard calls it "a troubling example of a narrow interest group and their self-serving trial lawyer allies."

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