Gilmer Standout, Cover Feature

The magazine many Texans call the "Football Bible" is set to hit the newstands on Tuesday.  Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine features a few familiar faces on the cover.

Front and center is the Tyler Rose himself, Earl Campbell, making his cover debut.  Of the four blue chip quarterbacks featured, two of them are from East Texas.  Texas High's Ryan Mallett and Gilmer's G.J. Kinne are part of the feature article called "Passing Fancy."

Texas High (4A) and Gilmer (3A), join Lufkin (5A) and Tatum (2A) as East Texas schools picked by the magazine to win state championships this season.

"I think it's just a great tribute to my coaches and teammates who have been working hard long before I got here," said Kinne about the Buckeyes number one nod.  "I'm just trying to maybe push us over the top a little bit, but I can't do that without lineman and receivers, so we're all going to have to work together."

The Texas Football "Super Team" features several East Texans.  On the first team are QB Ryan Mallet of Texas High, WR Dez Bryant of Lufkin, OL Michael Huey of Kilgore, DB Tekerrian Cuba of Lee and Utility Athlete Curtis Brown of Gilmer.

The second team features RB Lennon Creer of Tatum, OL Lonnie Edwards of Brownsboro, and DB Darnius Moore of Tatum.

And, on the third team, QB G.J. Kinne of Gilmer and OL Maquise Franklin of John Tyler.

Kevin Berns reporting.