Smith County Commissioners Hold Third Jail Meeting

Emotions ran high during a meeting to discuss the future of the Smith County jail project. Last month, voters rejected two jail proposals -- one downtown and another about three miles from downtown. Tonight, members of the public had a chance to speak before Smith County Commissioners.  Many voiced their concerns and ideas on where to go next.

The Smith County Buildings Task Force submitted a petition asking the court not to put either the downtown or remote location proposals on the ballot for a November election. "We need to decide that we're not going to put anything in November. I think once commissioners make that decision, I think you're going to see a lot of things develop. People are going to be less wedded to their propositions and we're going to be able to come together and work toward a real solution in May," said Ken Good, who helped draw up the proposal.

Other participants told us they would like to shoot for a November ballot. Commissioners took no action on the matter tonight. Forty people attended the three-hour long meeting.