East Texas Woman Physically Assaulted

An East Texas woman was physically assaulted and dumped in front of her house. Her family is not only upset about what happened that night, but how law enforcement has handled her case.  Since the assault, there's been some confusion between law enforcement agencies on exactly where it happened, and which agency is responsible for handling the investigation.

"Concussion, the white of eyes bleed, both of her eyes swelled close, her whole face was black and that is just the minor part," says Jimmy Adams, daughter physically assaulted.

A week ago Saturday, Jimmy Adam's 21 year old daughter was here at IHOP in Longview when she was approached about going to an after hours party. After visiting with them for a few minutes she decided to go.  They ended up at this house on FM 1844, just 5 miles away.

"She was assaulted and beat by 3 to 4, possible 4 people.  Three guys and a girl.  They drove her from the point of the assault to in front of her house and dumped her out in the road," says Jimmy.

A neighbor saw some people dump her in the street, and called 911. At the hospital, Jimmy's daughter told Longview police the house was off FM 1844.

"They just turned it over to Upshur County," says Jimmy.

That's when Jimmy says his daughter's case was shuffled between law enforcement agencies..

"I fell like if they had not assumed Upshur County and done 30 minutes worth of work, like I did or call IHOP like I did, they could be 24 to 48 hours ahead of where they are at," says Jimmy.

"The original report was the Longview Police Department responded, at that time it was thought to be at a location in Upshur County, it was referred to Upshur County. It was not until Monday afternoon that it was referred to Gregg County," says Sheriff Maxey Cerliano, Gregg County.

Investigators do have a copy of surveillance video from that night.

"The investigation is continuing and the results of that investigation will be forwarded to the criminal District Attorney for consideration of criminal charges," says Cerliano.

Jimmy says he hopes the crucial time lost in his daughter's investigation will not hurt the case.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com