Dozens Of Street Signs Disappear From Tyler Neighborhood

Street signs missing from an East Texas neighborhood have those living there wondering if emergency crews could still find them if they need help.

The signs were stolen from The Woods Subdivision in North Tyler. Dozens of them were ripped off of the posts, leaving streets unidentified.  Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department says street signs help when seconds count, but mapping software helps them find addresses even if there is no street sign.

"We're going to get there just about the same time even if the sign were there. I guess we're assuming these are juveniles that are taking these street signs for whatever reason, but it's not a laughing matter because someone's life might depend on it."

Police say anyone caught stealing street signs could be charged with theft. Serious fines and possible jail time depending on the value of the signs stolen could follow.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: