Replica Of Liberty Bell Travels To East Texas

A traveling replica of the Liberty Bell has made its way to Tyler to honor fallen Smith County Constable Dale Geddie.   Smith County Deputy Constable Terry Brunt rang the bell for the first time today. A group from Fort worth called Associated Conservatives of Texas traveled with the memorial today for Constable Geddie. The bell travels around the country to honor both fallen officers and soldiers. Beside the bell are the ten commandments.

"Without the foundation of moral law we cannot have liberty, but when we all agree to live by the code of the law and have law officers that carry out those wishes of the community then in fact we have what we have in America, the most prosperous, the most peaceful society on the earth, and we're so blessed to be here in America and have these men defend us," said Associated Conservatives of Texas member David Hall.   Hall says the bell will stay in Tyler until it's needed somewhere else.

Molly Reuter reporting,