East Texas Constable Honored In Memorial Service

Constable Dale Geddie, 1960 - 2006
Constable Dale Geddie, 1960 - 2006

Three days after a deadly shooting, a memorial service was held to remember Constable Dale Geddie. After the service, law enforcement agencies from around the state honored Geddie and it touched those that never even knew him. The turnout this afternoon showed just how much Geddie was loved in this community.

"I knew Dale David when I was a prosecutor, and he was at the sheriff's office as an investigator," said Richard Kennedy, Geddie's friend. "What I will remember most about him is he told the truth. If he told me something whether I was a prosecutor or a defense lawyer, I didn't worry about it. I believed what he told me."

Those that knew him best say Geddie loved what he did. For almost 20 years Geddie worked in law enforcement.  "Like the minister said, Dale was a cop's cop no matter what situation he was in he was always there for you," said Smith County Sheriff's Department Captain Gary Pinkerton.

To thank him for his service, hundreds of law enforcement officials from as far as Louisiana came to show their support with a 21-gun salute.  Those that didn't know Geddie stood by and watched.

"To honor a fallen brother," said Harris County Constable's Office Sergeant Steve Cupit. "We try to go and attend as many funerals. Our constable, Constable Hickman has told us that he would like us to honor as many fallen brothers as we can."

"The brotherhood of law enforcement is very strong," said Pinkerton. "We are going to come to the families aid when an officer falls in the line of duty because that's apart of honor."

Sitting in front of the church was Constable Geddie's car. To end the service today, officers performed the last call. First his unit number is read. Then after the second call Geddie's partner answered and 1042 is read, which means ending tour of duty.

Constable Geddie leaves behind a wife, son and step-son. His son also lives a life of serving as a U.S. Marine.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com