Tyler 21 Retreat

What will Tyler look like in the next 20 or 30 years?  Today, a group of citizens meet with the Tyler 21 Steering Committee to give their input on what their vision is for the city.

"Today people will come together and we will talk about the future and the things that we want to preserve and the things that we want to change as we grow into the future," said Mayor Joey Seeber.

One by one, more than 200 Tyler residents came to share their concerns and hopes for Tyler's future.

"Obviously, traffic is a problem here. I am not a traffic engineer but I drive the street every day and I think I might have some input," said Tyler resident Lonny McKinzie.

Results from a recent survey were presented. Listed as the top three concerns from residents were tax rates, public safety and traffic. Everyday more than 40,000 cars drive on Broadway. However, among this group they had some other concerns.

"I have a vision for downtown and it incorporates enhancing the beauty of downtown," said Tyler resident Glenn Bolzle.

"Revitalization of North Tyler is a big concern and enforcement of the zoning policies and just improvement for our city," said Joan Brooks.

"The parks and recreation for the community and the more people you have in the community the more important it is to make sure there are opportunities and outlets for people to get out and be involved," said Tyler resident Barbara Bass.

"I am concerned about our public education as some concerns about our infrastructure and our growth," said David Nelson.

Karolyn Davis reporting,  kdavis@kltv.com