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A Better East Texas: Opening Editorial


If you're like me, you're growing a little tired of the national news media. Do they really think they can continue to force feed us their "inside the beltway" perspective of things? Hey, and I'm talking about my own network too. It's for that reason, you haven't seen me doing editorials. I thought, "Who needs another opinion?" Well, I can remain silent no longer. Every now and then, you're going to see me on the air. My goal is to offer you something different...a different perspective from that of my colleagues in Washington, DC. If there's nothing to say, if I don't think it can benefit people in East Texas, I'll skip a week or two.

I'm a native Texan, and have lived in East Texas most of my adult life. I know I'll share many of your opinions, and we'll likely disagree on some things. But at the very least, I hope to spark some discussion. I believe there are a lot of you who may feel you don't have a voice. I know there are bullies who take advantage of the average East Texan. At the same time, there are real unsung heroes who don't get the recognition they deserve. I want to use my time here to praise the honorable men and women who make East Texas a better place to live. I want to give you a voice. I want us to work together to expose problems, needs and your concerns, and then find solutions.

But, I'll need your help. Tell me about the unsung heroes in your community. Help me identify the injustices. In short, help me use KLTV to make East Texas a better place for us all.

Brad Streit
General Manager


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