Constable Dale Geddie Killed in the Line of Duty, Remembered by Friends

Constable Dale Geddie was taken too soon from family, friends and fellow law officers.

He's been serving mith County for some 20- years now. First it was as a Sheriff's Deputy and then as a Constable.

Geddie's collegues say he knew how dangerous his job could be, but they were not prepared for what happened Wednesday.

He leaves behind a wife, Lisa and two sons. One of whom is on a mission trip right now.

Amidst the heartache, Constable Geddie's friends are remembering him as an honest and outstanding man.

"He adored police work. He was a Christian down to his roots and he believed God had put him on Earth for a purpose and that was to serve other people, says friend Alicia Cashell.

13 years, that's how long Dale Geddie was a friend to Alicia Cashell. They began as collegues. She was a Smith County prosecutor and he was a Smith County Sheriff's Investigator.

Over the years, his family became closer to hers.

"If you knew Dale, he was your friend for life. He was the guy who'd take off his boots and give them to you if you needed them," says Cashell.

Cashell went straight to the hospital to be with Constable Geddie's wife and family.

"I thought it was important for them to know how much we love him and them," says Cashell.

Sheriff J.B. Smith also worked with Constable Geddie for 17 years.

Sheriff Smith says Geddie started out working in the jail, then lieutenant and also in patrol and criminal investigation. But Sheriff Smith, also knew Dale as a friend.

"We rode together and I only live a couple of miles from him so he was a neighbor. I sort of raised him up as a pup in law enforcement," says Sheriff Smith.

Cecil Cox has worked closely with Constable Geddie as one of his Reserve Deputy Constables, but they go way back to 1986, when Cox worked with Geddie in the Sheriff's Department. The type of man he was... made Cox want to work with Constable Geddie again.

"A good family man that had a mission to change the world. He's accomplished a lot of it. He didn't make all the changes he wanted to. He didn't have time," says Cox.

Constable Geddie was more than just a lawman, he was a family man. Betty Whitten was with his wife, Lisa this afternoon. She used to work in the DA's office and remembers Geddie as always honest and just an outstanding person to know.

"Dale was loved by everybody who knew him. He was a good Christian man and he was fair and honest and it's a great loss to this community, but I told his family today that God brought home a soldier today.

Friends say Constable Geddie's wife, 2 sons and his parents and sister will need your love and prayers while they deal with this loss.

"I want people to remember that if you knew him, you knew a hero," says Cashell. "He will be missed by everybody who knew him. He touched a lot of lives."

Dana Dixon, reporting.