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Eyewitnesses, Neighbors Account Shooting Events

  "I was outside watering flowers and [police] started coming down the street and said I needed to get in my house for my own safety," says Heather Knutson who lives just two doors down from where this standoff occurred. 
  Knutson says two officers were positioned in her backyard with guns drawn. She realized how serious the situation was after learning more about the suspect from police. 
  "They were telling me what a sharpshooter the [suspect] inside was. And that they really need to keep down because he obviously was a sharpshooter," says Knutson.
  Outside passers-by were filling up at the gas station just across the street from the scene. "We just heard a shotgun blast, three pistol shots and another shotgun, and then a short time after that a shot gun blast," says eyewitness Lois Gottfredson. 
  "I saw an officer bring [a wounded officer] down in a sheriff's unit and escorted him to an ambulance. It looked like he was shot in the leg or something," says eyewitness Joe Johnson.  
   "She's pregnant. She's five months pregnant and she's crying a lot," says another eyewitness about her daughter. It took more than an hour to get her daughter and the little girl with her out of the house and away from danger.
  For Heather, she knew she was in good hands the whole time. "A lot of people were praying for me. They called and told me they were praying for me and everyone in the neighborhood," says Knutson. 
  Chaplains were on the scene immediately consoling family members affected by the tragedy.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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