Dudley Testifies In His Sexual Assault Trial

After hearing about today's shooting, Judge Cynthia Kent ordered a recess in the sexual assault trial of an East Texas teacher.   Today was the second day of Donald Gene Dudley's trial. This morning, the Brownsboro biology teacher took the stand. He told the jury the student accusing him came to him with personal problems. Dudley also said the hundreds of phone and e-mail messages they exchanged were part of an effort to help her.

"Did their come a time, Mr. Dudley that it became apparent that she had a crush on you?" says Jeff Hass, Dudley's Defense Attorney.

"Yes, sir," says Dudley.

When do you say that was?" says Hass.

"May or June 2005," says Dudley.

"Did you do anything about it? Did you try to dispel it? Did you have conversations, what happened?" says Hass.

"At first I just blew it off," says Dudley.

"Secondly, what happened?" says Hass.

"Told her that there was no way that could happen. I looked at her as a student, just like I do all the students I have," says Dudley.

Donald Dudley's trial resumes tomorrow. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.