Trashing East Texas: Truck Driver Arrested, Investigators Looking For Owners

A truck driver was arrested, and his truck was seized. He's accused of trashing East Texas.

Smith county environmental investigator Danny Brasher said a local clearing company has been taking debris from a construction site in Smith County. Brasher said the company is illegally dumping it on an open piece of land located on County Road 3508.

The location of the trash site is South of Teasleville in Cherokee county.

Authorities from Smith and Cherokee counties set up a sting on the land.

Last night (June 6th), that sting led to the arrest of the driver of an 18 wheeler.

The driver has been identified as 43 year old Richard Taylor. Taylor was charged with illegal dumping and illegal transportation.

Brasher said about 25 loads of tree debris have been dumped here. He said the proper way to dispose of the material is to burn it or chip it on site. Brasher said, " 'The driver said...' First of all they didn't agree with it... They thought it was not illegal. We had to give him the verse of the law. Then, they did understand they were doing something illegal."

Brasher said they are now looking to arrest both the owner of the truck and the owner of this land. They estimate this place has been used as a dumpsite for the last five years.