East Texans Hoping Date Adds To Horror Flick

Movie makers took advantage of the date 6-6-06 at the theaters. The movie The Omen deliberately open on this date. The thriller is about a boy destined to become the anti-Christ. Some East Texas moviegoers told us why they decided to see the movie on this date.
  Cameron Cook says,"Today just kinda adds to the movie. What all is goin' on in it. It adds to the theme." 
  Eric Johnson says, "I thought it was neat because most movies are released on Wednesday or Friday. This was released on Tuesday because of the date, so I thought it would be kinda cool."
  Lindsey Klatt told us, "It's the perfect day for it. We had to see it in the afternoon so we won't be scared at night." 
  Ben Reason says, "It's not just a number. I'm a Christian and it was in the Bible, but the fact that it's just a date today doesn't mean anything to me."
  Randall Trevor, "It's definitely entertaining, not what I expected. It was quite ridiculous which made the whole think comical at times."
  Most of the folks we talked to said they did not believe in superstitions.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com