Toddler Drowned In Family's Swimming Pool

An East Texas toddler drowned in his family's swimming pool. It happened Saturday night in Rusk County.   Twenty-three month old Taylor Mink-Chisholm was outside with his grandmother. That's Taylor's mother says his Grandma was stopped by a Lake Cherokee Police Officer to talk about a recent car burglary.   During those few minutes, Taylor wondered off to the pool in the back yard.

"She had one gate open because that's where he was riding his bicycle; she had the other gate closed, so he couldn't get to the pool.  I think he was leaning over to get his football and fell in.  He was still kind of breathing when my step dad was doing CPR, but they said it through him into shock and made his heart stop," said Carissa Tucker, Taylor's mother.

Carissa says they will be draining the pool. The funeral for Taylor will be Tuesday in Hughes Springs.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.