Robert E. Lee Students Face Felony Charges

When the 2 students allegedly broke into Robert E. Lee last night, they didn't know they tripped the alarm. Police say when they showed up, they found the 16 year old freshman and junior in the cafeteria trying to steal some signs.

Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department said, "The police told them to stop. They attempted to run, and then, they thought twice about that when they knew that the officers meant business and they stopped."

Police say they also had some student records which were taken from the in-school suspension room on campus. School officials say, on those documents were student names and disciplinary action taken against them by the school. They have no idea why the students would have wanted to steal them.

Dr. Karen Raney is the director for secondary education in TISD.

She said, "We would always be concerned if someone had access to another persons records, and that's why we try to keep things under lock and key."

"They were arrested for burglary of a building as well as tampering with a government document, because they were actually taking documents that belonged to the school. It's a government document, and that's a 3rd degree felony."

In addition to any jail time or fines that these students might be looking at, the district says they'll also be facing some punishment at the school when it starts again in the fall.

"It depends on what their particular records were. What they have done in terms of their own discipline during the previous year. We have all kinds of things we look at before we make decisions," said Raney.

That punishment could be anything from detention, to suspension, to being assigned to the district's alternative school.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: