Red Cross Offers Gasoline For Blood

Workers with the American Red Cross Blood Center in East Texas are hoping giving away gasoline will get people to donate. They're asking the public to help out now because of critically-low blood supply levels.  With blood supplies at desperately low levels, Longview American Red Cross volunteers are using any incentive they can to get people to donate including the battle against rising fuel prices!

"About this time every year we do reach a critical state with the high price of gas I don't think anyone would be opposed to receiving a $400 gas card," said American Red Cross worker Diane Martin.

Donation over the next two months get donors registered to win several prizes, including the gas card and some say it's well worth donating.

"Because the way high gas prices are nowadays, they just keep on sky rocketing," said donor Jonathan Gressman.

"We need more blood but there's less blood donors so yes we have reached an appeal and we are desperately needing blood today," said Martin.

Some like Tanya Welch, who needed blood after a terrible auto accident she was in, give without and incentive.

"Well, I used to give blood a long time ago, then I quit then I ended up in a car wreck and actually needed to get blood so I restarted to give blood," said Welch.

Red Cross workers say they need all types of blood, and they hope that regardless of what prizes might be offered, people will donate.

"Someone uses blood about every two seconds in the United States, a pint of blood," Martin says.

Donors must be at least 17 years old. All winners will be announced in a drawing in August. For a list of donation locations, call the Longview American Red Cross.

Bob Hallmark reporting,