Alabama "Hardbody" Fans Stop In Longview

A Longview auto dealership had a big surprise as fans of a popular contest pay an impromptu visit.  Workers at Patterson Nissan were startled to see a bus-load of kids from a Birmingham, Alabama church pull into their parking lot and ask for autographs.  The kids made a random stop in Longview on the way back from a trip to Arizona.  Most of the visitors are in high school and they say they're huge fans of the Hands On A Hardbody Contest.

"Oh, wow , every single year when we go to choir tour we watch Hands On A Hardbody.  We know all the names of the characters, and let me tell you it's a human drama thing.  It's a human drama thing.  It's not just a contest," said Birmingham High School student Helen Walker.

The group of 50 kids was on its way back to Alabama from a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, when they decided to stop in Longview. They say seeing the Hardbody site was the best part of their trip.