Divers Pick Up Trash To Benefit Children's Hospital

Hundreds of divers at Tyler State Park went diving for trash today, and they paid to do it. This afternoon, divers from Scuba Steve's Aquatic Adventures held their second annual Trashfest benefiting the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.  Wayne Rose, 9, put on his swim trunks and snorkeling gear this afternoon.   Wayne says he loves the water, but swimming is not always easy.

"When I was born I almost died a few times," said Rose. "I couldn't move my arms or anything, and they had to fix my arms a few days after I was born." Wayne is talking about his doctors at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital who surgically structured his arms, so he could use them.

"With things I can do with my left hand, I can't do with my right, and I have things with my right I can do, but can't do with my left," said Rose. "I can balance just about anything on my right. I still don't understand how I can do that." Texas Scottish Rite Hospital was founded in Dallas in 1921.

"Since that time we've been treating children with orthopedic situations and during all that time we have never charged a patient a single dime, and it's through events like this we have the opportunity to gain money for the hospital," said Chuck Hardaway of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Today divers paid an entry fee to pick up trash in the lake.

"We're happy to report not too much trash was found," said Event Organizer Dean Pennington. "Some was, unfortunately, but not much, and that's what we like."

"We found an old fishing worm and some coke cans," said diver Stephen Rydzak. "That was about it."

Wayne and Jimbo Reynolds, 10, who has also benefited from the services of Scottish Rite Hospital, participated today as well.

"It means a lot," said Rose. "I know a lot of people care about this." Last year, Trashfest raised $3,500. Event organizers say they hope to raise about $5,000.

Molly Reuter reporting, mreuter@kltv.com